While this sounds like a simple question to answer, it is truly not. Let’s look at the different arguments. But please keep in mind that this tax, nor legal, nor investment advice. It’s rather meant for you to learn about the differences.

tl;dr: it really depends on the tax and entrepreneurial basis as to which option makes more sense.

Come on, you can be more specific than…

There are quite a few different methods, which the marketplace Flippa describes in an article here quite well. But let’s look at the one, which is most prevalent right now.

Monthly Profit Multiple

While this is not an exact science, it is being used quite frequently by various marketplaces currently. …

How to avoid big mistakes with the right due diligence

Hi there,

Buying websites and digital assets, in general, is becoming a thing. Websites such as Flippa, Empire Flippers are getting traction. In times of crisis, people look for alternative asset classes to invest in.

So you want to buy an online business?

Great, I do so too…


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